Japanese Knotweed Removal

Japanese Knotweed is the most invasive plant known in Britain today. It can grow up to10cm per day in any type of soil. It is below ground where the Japanese Knotweed causes the biggest problems. It can be a serious threat to construction by damaging foundations, drains and other underground services. If you think you have Japanese Knotweed, it is vital that you contact us about Japanese Knotweed Removal before any damage takes place. Manor Estates Ground Care Ltd can completely remove Japanese Knotweed quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Covering: Aylesbury, Oxford, High Wycombe, Gerrards Cross
and the surrounding Counties of Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire.

One option of Japanese Knotweed Removal is Chemical Spraying. It is the most cost effective solution and can most of the time eradicate most of, if not the entire problem.

In the UK there are two main pieces of legislation that cover Japanese Knotweed.

Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
"It is an offence to plant or otherwise cause the species to grow in the wild"


Environmental Protection Act 1990
"Japanese Knotweed is classed as ‘controlled waste’ and as such must be disposed of safely at a licensed landfill site according to the Environmental Protection Act (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991"


The main dangers from Japanese knotweed

Manor Estates has been dealing with Japanese knotweed removal since the mid nineties. We produce amazing results at a fraction of the costs of our competitors.

By constant monitoring of infestations by locally based PA1/PA6 operatives and by taking advice from a number of BASIS trained consultants (one with over 30 years of experience in the treatment of Japanese knotweed) we aim to deliver a value for money service for schools, local authorities and commercial contractors.

Home Information Packs (HIP's)

Home Information Packs (HIP’s) should highlight any infestation of knotweed within the boundaries of the property and potential buyers could be put off the sale without an effective management plan in place to give an estimated cost for treatment.

We are increasingly being approached by vendors and clients to assess and give advice on property for development or being marketed for sale with our extensive understanding of the plant and its attributes and the willingness to explore the latest techniques we aim to remove the misinformation and scare mongering from what can be a trouble free process that is no different from any other form of grounds maintenance and herbicide/fertiliser application.

We will visit the site and give you a free quotation with no obligation and will produce a management plan at request identifying the positioning of the infestation(s) and our methodology and chemicals used.

Japanese Knotweed

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